The Business of Transparency and Ethics

“Excellence never happens by accident, we have to make it happen.” These are the words that make the soul of our company. We believe in building homes that reflect our commitment to our stakeholders and home owners – commitments of quality, endurance and sustainable living. We value the trust that has been put in us and try our best to deliver high-value service by employing a combination of transparent and ethical dealing, top class international talent, modern research and financial tools.

Homes are not just homes. They are prized possessions, special places that offer hope, luck, happiness and peace. We understand how precious such a belonging is to a home owner and hence our creations are built not just to look beautiful now, but even years later. Our homes are built not just with cement, mortar and bricks, they are every bit built with trust, talent and truthfulness. We are not here to build houses, sell, and exit. We want to be here much after a house turns into a home, and a land develops more into a community.

To prove that we adhere to strict codes of ethics and transparency, we will deliver certificates of quality to every home owner. These certificates shall bear the stamp of approval of leading international auditors and technical consultants that Aqasia Homes Ltd has adhered to each and every promise it has made to its home buyers, in terms of quality, infrastructure, basic amenities and services, design and safety. In addition to this, we will also provide the vital “Certificate of Non-Encumbrance,” which is proof that the property or the land bought is free of legal troubles.

We welcome you to join us in this journey of making the best places to work, play and live.

Architectural & Landscaping

We want to make your homes more than residences. Our vision is to have the power to transform these places and give them a strong character and beauty. Judicious and optimal use of land is important in giving a building a character and appearance, as it these elements which give the property a sense of place. To achieve this, projects need to be delivered through strategic planning, technical assessments, detailed design, integrated project management and strong teamwork. It is with this “big picture” in mind that we have put together a talented team comprising of international consultants and renowned architects who are passionate about building beautiful places and have established their worth in the world of design, landscaping, architecture and engineering construction. Along with their knowledge of traditional Indian architecture, which is rooted in the understanding of how an environment works and what makes a place unique, they bring to the table a wide understanding of modern techniques and a large repertoire of skills that are necessary to create delightfully beautiful places.


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