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The true object of architecture is not bricks, mortar or timber, but the home and so the principal object of natural philosophy is not the material elements, but their composition, and the totality of the substance, independently of which they have no existence– Aristotle

According to ancient Indian knowledge, the Five Elements – Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Space (Akash) – are the pillars of Creation, the building blocks of the universe. Planets, humans, nature are all composed of these Five Elements.

When in harmony, these elements sustain the positive life energy that flows through, creating an environment of happiness, peace and prosperity.

At Aqasia, we are inspired by the finest in Indian architecture and our aim is to achieve this harmony with nature by incorporating a balance of the primary elements in our designs and creations.

A house, for us, is not just a set of spaces built of bricks, mortar and timber. It is a place where the soul of the family lives, gets blessed by the harmonious mix of the Five Elements of nature, and nourished by the radiant energy of life.

At Aqasia, we aspire to deliver a unique package – a blend of natural spaces, harmonious eco-conscious Vaastu-complaint designs, and hope of a beautiful life.

Welcome to Aqasia! WELCOME TO LUCKY Luxury HOMES.


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