The true object of architecture is not bricks, mortar or timber, but the home; and so the principal object of natural philosophy is not the material elements, but their composition... Read More

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Aqasia Homes Limited, a zero-debt company, is part of the prestigious Sun and Sand Group of Companies, which has business interests in Metals and Alloys... Read More

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Created for connoisseurs of good living, our projects are designed to make your life bigger and better. Located in the bustling township of Bhiwadi, we offer homes and spaces... Read More


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own piece of heaven - one in which there is a finely crafted villa or a lazy farmhouse sitting in a vibrant neighbourhood... Read More

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Travel frequently; bored of five-star hotels and their near-too-perfect luxurious amenities; want a place for an extended stay that feels more like home. If these are the symptoms... Read More